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Create Your Own Art Form Through Our Jeans

You aren’t like anyone else which is why we handcraft one-of-a-kind statement denim for men like you. No two pairs of jeans are the same. This is our art form, and our passion lies in transcending the ordinary. We create artisan finishes that have become the hallmark of our signature style.


Our Mission

Level 7 strives to develop high quality, affordable denim, while creating pieces that accentuate artistry through expressive and unique styles. 


The Principles of Our Denim

Craftsmanship, Quality, and Ingenuity

The “Canvas”

It all starts with the fabric. We developed a comprehensive line of denim fabrications, each one crafted to enhance the uniqueness of every jean we make. Our leading premium fabrics include:

Level 7 Premium Men's Denim with Handcrafted Washes

Crosshatch Denim

This unique denim shows a square grid-like pattern in the weave. It is created by mixing uneven yarns in both the weft and warp directions, offering visible distinct character in the garment after it’s washed. You will know this denim by it’s rich texture and obvious grain of the material.

Ring-Spun Stretch Denim

Ring-spun yarn creates unique surface characteristics in the fabric, such as unevenness, giving jeans and irregular vintage look. Greater strength and softness are also achieved with the ability to get an authentic aged look with more defined characteristics after washing the clothing. 

Indigo French Terry

A fabric originally designed for its absorbency but has long been used in clothing for its comfort due to its soft loop back, indigo French terry has been reinvented yet again with Indigo yarn giving us the ability to blend the comfort of your favorite sweatpants with the indigo wash of favorite jean. An item that truly gets better with time.


Level 7 denim crafted from fine yarn and tightly woven by the most advanced machinery for a smooth finish. It then is dip dyed and mercerized, a process that causes the dark, rich indigo dye to deeply absorb into the yarn, retaining its color longer and producing the lustrous sheen associated with luxury denim. This also diminishes any redistribution of dye from the garment onto furniture or other clothing. Ultimately, this creates a better canvas on which to splash our artistic washes.

Fabrics play a vital role in how the denim interprets a wash, and it enables us to choose washes that unveil the rare aspects of each fabric.  



Level 7 Light Wash Destroyed Denim

The “Paint”

We have cultivated the highest talent in Los Angeles, the denim capital of the world, to create the most innovative and creative washes on the market. All of the finishes for our high-end men’s jeans are created locally.  We evoke the novelty of luxury vintage handcrafted, personalized denim without the messy work. From simply subtle to extreme treatments, we are an industry leader in advanced, innovative washes. We showcase extreme bleached denim, handsanding, and heavy destruction.

We work with our developers, who are also recruited by the world’s most prestigious luxury denim brands, to create unique washes that push the envelope while maintaining the integrity and quality of our denim. Yet as the pioneer and forerunner for these advanced washes, we are able to bring them to our customers for a fraction of the price and before anyone else. No two pair are exactly alike so your jeans are guaranteed to be a unique reflection of your personality and individuality.

The “Showcase”

You are the final step, where our artwork is finally revealed. As trends change, we have adapted while retaining the integrity of our fit and originality. We cater to your needs and preferences, accommodating the sturdy, athletic frame while providing you a range of silhouette options whether bootcut, straight leg, or jogger pants. At the end of the process, is the most important part of our journey... suiting you, the Level 7 man. Build your own kind of bold. Bravely stand apart in an extreme bleached straight leg jean. Design your own destiny. Live out loud in a distressed, hand-sanded bootcut jean. Those who run with our pack choose to wisely invest in style choices that express both character and prestige. Make our passion, your expression.  

Redefined Luxury.  

We create premium artisan denim without all of the things that you hate about luxury. Never boring, our accessible luxury street denim is a irreverent alternative to other luxe brands. Supplying a range of distinctive jean options from barely washed denim with deep indigo hues to extreme bleached and hand-sanded, all Level 7 jeans are under $100. You can also access us 24/ 7 directly online if you choose. Level7 consistently provides the finest materials, the latest silhouettes, and the most innovative denim washes. We fuse quality and creativity, and we provide you with options at an accessible price point. Gone are the days of mass identity, our jeans provide men with the tools to express their own personal style without sacrificing the highest quality. Because luxury isn’t about what’s fancy or expensive, it’s about what’s comfortable, what feels good, and what’s rare.

But How, Though?

We are able to provide inventive premium denim with street-level edge for under $100. How? Our streamlined process of making it. As part of a vertical fashion house which has been in the denim business for more than 25 years, we have a uncommon competitive advantage. From factory to front door, our company controls every step: fabric, fit, wash, design and packaging. This allows us complete command of design and quality. Our creative team works directly with the mill on fabric development. The sewing and wash facilities are a part of our larger corporate holdings.  

We’ve been here for a while. Trust us, we know our stuff.

Experience Matters. While our Level 7 brand emerges with a fresh voice and perspective on premium denim, we have the experience and steady consistency of our greater established denim fashion house,  Level 7 is the best of both worlds. Breaking through the monotony of traditional premium denim with next-level innovations, we arose from 25 year heritage of skill and expertise. Level 7 was a natural extension of decades of evolving and re-imagining the possibilities of denim. We now fill a void in among high-end men’s  jeans by serving the modern millennial man while utilizing decades of industry knowledge and proficiency. After 10 years of exclusively being sold in specialty stores nationwide, Level 7 launched their own eCommerce website, becoming an online retailer in November 2017.


Simplicity is overrated. Elevate to Level 7.